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Mari L. Lilly, MD


"The New Psychiatry starts here." 

I specialize in working with complicated situations and complex people who want the best out of life.

As a board certified psychiatrist with over 20 years of experience, I specialize in the treatment of people who feel "stuck", including those with Developmental Trauma Disorder, physical and sexual assaults leading to PTSD, anxiety, depression and other mood disorders.  I have extensive training and experience in combining psychotherapy with medications.  Adding neurofeedback training, hypnosis techniques and meditation skills have greatly expanded the ways I can help.  My appointment times range from 45 minutes to 90 minutes.

As a psychiatrist, I take the time to really know those I care for.  In this way, I can more carefully monitor medications and alter therapy techniques to help the most.  I often treat complex people that have not benefited from other treatments.  Telling you about the research or literature is my way of showing you how I reached an opinion and that I am not just "winging it" with your health.  In my way of thinking, you deserve explanations for my recommendations.   
As a therapist, I use a variety of approaches including psychodynamic insight-oriented therapy with a focus on attachment issues, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness and emotional regulation skill training, hypnosis and neurofeedback training.  I have found combining neurofeedback training with psychotherapy, hypnotic techniques, and meditation skill training to be an especially helpful combination for many people that have felt stuck in seemingly unproductive "talk therapy" or "medication management" cycles.  In other words, if one approach is only partly helpful, I find other ways to help.  I find this eclectic approach helps with those who want to understand themselves and personally grow as well those diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder or severe, intractable anxiety and depression.  I enjoy collaborating with other colleagues and often work with other professionals to expand the scope of care.  I often work with other therapists to provide neurofeedback training for their clients to help manage the sometimes overwhelming reactions elicited by trauma and difficult life experiences.

As a medical doctor, I am interested in your overall health and physical problems.  I often find unsuspected illnesses, hormone problems or medicine issues that are contributing to or causing "emotional" symptoms.  I usually request extensive lab work that is focused on these hidden illnesses and follow you for the potential metabolic consequences of medications.  As one of the few psychiatrists in the United States that has taken the extensive training to be a Certified North American Menopause Practitioner, I often evaluate hormone issues.  I also practiced primary care and emergency medicine for five years before entering my psychiatric residency at Vanderbilt University.