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Rates & Office Policy

Confidentiality & Privacy Policy
Dr. Lilly and her staff strictly follow  privacy policies.  Unless you have signed a Release of Protected Health Information for a relative or friend, we cannot acknowledge that we know you or whether you are a patient at our office.  This  policy form is updated yearly.  You have the right to revoke this release at anytime.  Please send this request in writing to the office or fill out our Release of Information Form at our office.

It is important to know that your insurance company may request a full copy of your records if you decide to file an insurance claim.  We do not use electronic health records because this allows unresticted access to your psychiatric records by any and all other providers.  Because of the confidential nature of your issues, it is more private if there is absolutely no way to access your files by internet or other electronic record  access.  We do not believe the current  electronic security safeguards are sensitive enough to guarantee that your records cannot be breached.  Our records  are maintained in our offices and are never linked to the internet at any time.

Cancellation of Appointment
Our office requires a full 24-hour notification to cancel an appointment; otherwise you will be charged the full amount for the missed appointment.  Our voicemail is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Therefore, if you need to cancel an appointment, please leave a message at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment.  The only exception we make to this office policy is for emergencies.

Fees and Payment Policy
Payment is always made in full  at the time of your appointment.  If you decide to file your insurance, we provide the paperwork to attach to your insurance claim form.  Your insurance company has the claim form on their website that is specific to your insurance company.  

Cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express are accepted.   

Dr. Lilly does not participate with any insurance companies.  That means Dr.  Lilly is  out-of-network with all insurance companies.  Your insurance may pay at a different rate.  You can call your insurance customer service department to find the rates of reimbursement.

At your appointment you will receive the paperwork that contains all the information necessary for your insurance carrier to reimburse you directly if you choose to file your insurance.  By simply mailing these papers, your insurance company will remburse you directly.  We are glad to help you with this process.

Questions?  Please call us for further information at 423-870-0036.